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Plastering | Plasterers | Infographic - A Basic Overview

Want to know a little more about the plastering process (preparation and installation)? This infographic will take you through a few simple steps.

The plastering trade and the services we provide are varied and vast and many different processes and techniques are involved (depending on the individual project and the type of building structure). With this in mind, the infographic below only provides a basic overview and excludes other techniques/services/tools.

Plastering Infographic

  1. Measure the area, generate ideas and plan the project
  2. Order materials and arrange delivery / pickup
  3. Gather project tools, equipment and plaster
  4. Organise and prepare the building (home, office, shop, factory, school, etc). Protect floors, walls, furniture and other objects
  5. Sheet / frame walls and ceilings with plasterboard / gyprock / drywall. As needed, install cornice, bulkheads, roses, niches, skirting, etc
  6. Mix plaster and water
  7. Application / setting - plaster walls, ceilings, etc. Let it dry then sand
  8. Prepare areas for painting - apply paint as required. Clean and tidy area
  9. Project complete